Physical rehabilitation and pain management using Virtual Reality

Increase engagement and enjoyment during physiotherapy using the RecoveryVR exercise management system. Designed specifically for physical rehabilitation and pain management.

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Virtual Reality exercises built on evidence-based therapy techniques

Neuro Physio

Specially designed to be accessible and fun with a range of settings to suit all disabilities

Pain Management

Graded Motor Imagery, mindfulness and distraction for chronic pain and CRPS

Occupational Therapy

Simulating activities of daily life in a safe VR environment as training for independence

Sports Physio

Better adherence and engagement leads to better outcomes

70+ Apps

An ever growing library of games, activities and environments

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How RecoveryVR works


Advanced engagement and enjoyment during therapy sessions

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Extend therapy into the home with prescribed and scheduled routines

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Therapists can track adherence and improvement online

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Increased reps and motivation leads to better outcomes

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Testimonials from RecoveryVR users

“RecoveryVR has enabled us to take our therapy to the next level for our neurological clients. As a therapist, we can prescribe functional exercises and movement, with the client experiencing this at whole new level. It’s engaging, immersive and has been developed with the client in mind. I love how creative and adaptable we can be with our exercise prescription when using RecoveryVR.”

Jess Bingley, Neuromoves Canberra

“The process of working through recovery from a serious illness or injury can be long and challenging. Innovative technology centric treatments such as Virtual Reality based therapy provides an accessible and immersive means to overcome some of the more complex and frustrating aspects of achieving your recovery goals, especially when compared to more traditional rehabilitative practices.”

Jordan Kramp, Patient

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