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Virtual Reality Physical Rehab, Pain Management and Mental Health Therapy

Increase engagement during therapy sessions using RecoveryVR. We offer 75+ virtual reality therapy applications focussing on VR physiotherapy rehabilitation, pain management and mental health. Also featuring telehealth, measurement data and prescription features to extend clinical practice into the home.

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How RecoveryVR increases engagement in therapy


RecoveryVR lets you scale challenge to any ability and provides motivators such as scores and creativity to keep patients focussed


We’ve taken evidence-based therapy techniques and turned them into fun VR activities that reduce monotony and fatigue

Live Data

Every movement you make is tracked and uploaded to the web portal, compared over time and analysed during clinical sessions


A clinician can conduct a Telehealth session from anywhere in the world while seeing the patients VR view and controlling their activity


Clinicians can prescribe playlists of VR activities for the patient at home or in the hospital/clinic then track adherence

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Man on walker with RecoveryVR


Custom built to be an adjunct therapy tool

RecoveryVR can assist with the following conditions

  • Stroke rehabilitation

  • Chronic Pain

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Parkinson’s Disease

  • Spinal Cord Injury

  • Global Development Delay

  • Major Head Trauma

  • Complex Regional Pain

  • ADHD / ASD

  • And many more

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Testimonials from RecoveryVR users

Jessica Bingley

“RecoveryVR has enabled us to take our therapy to the next level for our neurological clients. As a therapist, we can prescribe functional exercises and movement, with the client experiencing this at whole new level. It’s engaging, immersive and has been developed with the client in mind. I love how creative and adaptable we can be with our exercise prescription when using RecoveryVR.”

Jess Bingley, Neuromoves Canberra

“The process of working through recovery from a serious illness or injury can be long and challenging. Innovative technology centric treatments such as Virtual Reality based therapy provides an accessible and immersive means to overcome some of the more complex and frustrating aspects of achieving your recovery goals, especially when compared to more traditional rehabilitative practices.”

Jordan Kramp, Patient
Jordan Kramp

Our clients and partners

Proudly Certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration

ARTG: 324694

Talk to our friendly staff about how RecoveryVR can help you

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WHY VR?: Decades of research has shown virtual reality rehabilitation improves patient outcomes through its unique ability to create an immersive and interactive environment, modulate and motivate attention, and leverage the neuroplasticity of the brain.

PARTNER WITH US: RecoveryVR is partnering with several universities to conduct research on VR and its effects on the health of patients. If you are interested in partnering please contact us to discuss your project.

EXAMPLE RESEARCH: In one meta-analysis on Virtual Reality in Stroke Rehabilitation conducted by the Stroke Outcome Research Canada Working Group they found there was significant improvement motor function and motor impairment after VR physiotherapy.

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Among observational studies, there was a 20.1% (95% CI, 11.0%-33.8%) improvement in motor function.


And a 14.7% (95% CI, 8.7%-23.6%) improvement in motor impairment after VR.

How does it work?

VR Physiotherapy Package

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For the clinic or home

Buy the hardware as a one time cost, the software is a yearly subscription. The subscription offers you personal customer service, access to the web portal and all updates and new activities throughout the year.

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Deliver the Therapy

Anywhere, anytime

RecoveryVR is completely wireless, light, durable and portable and can be used in the hospital, clinic or in the home. With full telehealth functionality it can connect clinicians and patients anywhere in the world.

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Woman in front of VR research

Connect and Learn

Benefit from the data

Connect with your client or clinician through the web portal and share data to get a better idea of needs, goals and improvement over time. Take advantage of the telehealth tools to increase engagement.

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