RecoveryVR’s primary aim is the scaling of access to physical and psychological rehabilitation while still being connected to, and directed by trained clinicians. This can be applied across the entire rehabilitation process from inpatient care in hospital, to outpatient care in clinics and in the home.

We strive to build a product that brings evidence-based therapy to people living regional and rural areas, or people with mobility issues, who may not have proper access to healthcare.

“I’ve spent 15 years entertaining people in the feature film and game industries. An idea I’d had about exercising anywhere in the world using 360 video lead me to the world of VR. When I delved into the research I found more and more positive outcomes when VR was paired with patients with neurological conditions and yet there was still nothing on the market that a patient or clinician could use day to day. I realised I could use my skills to entertain people while motivating them to recover, and do some good in this world. I started calling physiotherapists, researchers and patients and learning as much as I could. I am still doing that today and enjoying every minute of it.”


Christian Doran, Founder & CEO