Track Patient progress while increasing adherence to exercise

Increase engagement and enjoyment during therapy sessions using the RecoveryVR system. We offer 70+ applications focusing on physical rehabilitation, pain management and mental health.

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Evidence-based therapy techniques for a range of professions


Specially designed to be accessible and fun with a range of settings to suit all disabilities

Exercise Physiology

Games, exercise, creativity and balance. Getting everyone moving in the right direction

Pain Management

Graded Motor Imagery, mindfulness and distraction for chronic pain and CRPS


Mindfulness experiences, phobia exposure, forest bathing and guided meditations

Occupational Therapy

Working towards functional independence through exercises and simulation

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Man doing VR Physiotherapy


Custom built to be an adjunct therapy tool

RecoveryVR can assist with the following conditions

  • Stroke rehabilitation

  • Chronic Pain

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Parkinson’s Disease

  • Spinal Cord Injury

  • Global Development Delay

  • Major Head Trauma

  • Complex Regional Pain

  • ADHD / ASD

Why VR?

Decades of research has shown virtual reality rehabilitation improves patient outcomes through its unique ability to create an immersive and interactive environment, modulate and motivate attention, and leverage the neuroplasticity of the brain.

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What’s in the RecoveryVR Package?


Simple, wireless, durable

VR Headset and Controllers

State of the art, wireless headset and controllers loaded with the RecoveryVR software. Try out your joy by best real money online casino australia. The Pico Neo 3 headset is light-weight and easy to fit, the controllers are built tough and easy to grip.

4K resolution, 99 degrees field of view, bluetooth, 90hz refresh rate so that no one feels sea sick during use.


Focussed, custom built, fun

RecoveryVR Library of Apps

Unlimited access to the ever increasing library of 70+ therapy apps including all the physiotherapy, pain management and mental health programs.

If you can’t find an app, or several apps, that works towards your clients goals let us know and we’ll build something new that works for you.


Data collection, automation, live control

RecoveryVR Web Portal

Data collection – When a patient logs into the headset every movement during every activity is logged and displayed as movement data in the portal for your analysis.
Automation – Using the prescription function you can set up a playlist of timed activities and let the client play through 5 -20 minutes of exercise on their own.
Live Control – Using the telehealth functionality you can see what the client is seeing and change what they are doing at the click of a button.


Simple, fast, connected

Phone/PC Streaming App

If you want a quick and easy way to see and control your clients experience RecoveryVR also offers a phone/computer app that connects instantly if the headset and device is on the same wifi.

The app also allows you to log your client in quickly so all their data is saved to their web portal account.

An incredible therapy tool at an affordable price

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Testimonials from RecoveryVR users

VR Physiotherapy expert

“RecoveryVR has enabled us to take our therapy to the next level for our neurological clients. As a therapist, we can prescribe functional exercises and movement, with the client experiencing this at whole new level. It’s engaging, immersive and has been developed with the client in mind. I love how creative and adaptable we can be with our exercise prescription when using RecoveryVR.”

Jess Bingley, Neuromoves Canberra

“The process of working through recovery from a serious illness or injury can be long and challenging. Innovative technology centric treatments such as Virtual Reality based therapy provides an accessible and immersive means to overcome some of the more complex and frustrating aspects of achieving your recovery goals, especially when compared to more traditional rehabilitative practices.”

Jordan Kramp, Patient
Boy doing VR Physiotherapy

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