The perfect Virtual Reality solution for your rehabilitation

Pick from one of two focused VR libraries that will help you the most – Upper Body/Balance or Pain Management.

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Plans and pricing

Everything you need

Wireless VR headset, wireless controllers, specialised VR software, streaming phone app.

Simple to use

Works out of the box, no installation or technical knowledge required to use RecoveryVR.

Low Cost

An upfront cost to buy the headset and then a monthly fee that is accessible to all budgets.


No matter the disability, RecoveryVR has something for everyone.

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Hardware needed to exercise in virtual reality

VR Headset and Controllers

A state of the art, wireless headset and wireless controllers loaded with the RecoveryVR software. The headset is light-weight and easy to fit, the controllers are built tough and easy to grip. Examine australia best online casino real money.

4K resolution, 101 degrees feild of view, bluetooth, 75hz refresh rate so that no one feels sea sick during use.


Physiotherapy techniques made fun

Focused Library of VR Apps

Pick from one of two modules that will help you the most –

Upper Body / Balance – A growing library of 20+ games and activities that focuses on upper body movement and balance.

Pain Management – A growing library of 30+ sensation videos, graded motor imagery, distraction and mindfulness.


App you can use to control the VR experience

VR Streaming Phone App

Watch what is happening inside the headset through the RecoveryVR streaming app on your phone.

Connect the headset and the phone to the same wifi and easily allow a friend or loved one in on the fun. They will be able to change the difficulty if things get too hard.

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