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Every app is a therapy technique made fun

RecoveryVR offers a library of more than 70 unique applications with more being added every month. Get pleasure from by way of casino online australia real money. Each is based on a particular motivator to keep patients of any age, gender or ability coming back for more.

Popular Games

+ Many more

Reach, grasp, balance, rotate and extend your trunk with these simple mini-games. Try to beat your high score every time you play.

Apple Barrel

Functional Reach

Table Tennis

Reaction Training

Ring Raiders

Shoulder Flexion

Popular Exercise & Sport

Use repetitive movements to ride, row, walk or kayak through some of the most beautiful tracks and rivers in Australia, or hit the gym or sports field for some competitive fun.


Repetitive Movement

Golf Driving

Trunk Rotation

Boxing Bag

Strength Training

Popular Balance

Strengthen your trunk and legs and practise your balance with these fun games.

Balance Board

Equilibrium Focus


Sit to Stand

Fruit Squish

Lateral Reach

Popular Imagery

If you have limited movement or complex regional pain you can experience someone else’s hands as your own in what clinicians are calling ‘a mirror box on steroids’.

Sensation / Motor Imagery

Complex Regional Pain

Guided Mindfulness

Stress & Pain Management

Guided Stretches


Popular Creativity

Paint in a 3D space, build a city or play a musical instrument without any constraint other than your imagination.

3D Painting

Time on Task

World Builder

Functional Reach


Reach to Target

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