Increase your income by adding VR to your Telehealth offering

RecoveryVR has a dedicated web portal that connects clinicians and patients. For the clinician it is a complete Remote Patient Management system with measurement data display, adherence tracking, prescription, live viewing and control.

You can offer virtual reality telehealth sessions to your clients using the power of RecoveryVR’s custom built and easy to use system

We’ll help build a business model that suits you. We can take care of the delivery of the VR hardware and all technical assistance. See below for some proposed models of how we can work together.

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How RecoveryVR Telehealth works

Streaming of VR View

Stream the live video of what the patient is seeing in VR over the internet to any web browser

Live Remote Control

During telehealth sessions the Clinician can control the patient’s headset so there is no time wasted navigating UI.

Data Collection

Every move the patient makes while in a VR activity is collected and can be analysed by the Clinician.

Prescription & Tracking

Clinicians can prescribe lists of activities for between telehealth sessions, and check if they’ve adhered to the prescription.

Why VR?

Decades of research has shown virtual reality rehabilitation improves patient outcomes through its unique ability to create an immersive and interactive environment, modulate and motivate attention, and leverage the neuroplasticity of the brain.

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Evidence-based therapy techniques for a range of professions


Specially designed to be accessible and fun with a range of settings to suit all disabilities

Exercise Physiology

Games, exercise, creativity and balance. Getting everyone moving in the right direction

Pain Management

Graded Motor Imagery, mindfulness and distraction for chronic pain and CRPS


Mindfulness experiences, phobia exposure, forest bathing and guided meditations

Occupational Therapy

Working towards functional independence through exercises and simulation

How your business could work with RecoveryVR


Option 1

RecoveryVR provides everything

When a client chooses your VR Telehealth program RecoveryVR sends them a headset and provides instructions and technical assistance. You pay per week for hire of the headset while the client engages in 1-2 Telehealth sessions per week with you. Both you and the client have access to the RecoveryVR web portal including the streaming, live control, data gathering and prescription. At the end of the program the client sends the headset back to RecoveryVR and we stop billing you for the weekly hire.


Option 2

You’re in control

If you want to build the business on your own terms and make a larger profit you can buy and own the headsets yourself and only licence the RecoveryVR software. You would control the quality of your customer service from end to end, you could put your brand on the headsets and be more flexible in how you grow, while still receiving technical assistance from RecoveryVR. Bulk discounts are available on licence fees.


Option 3

Somewhere in between

You could own the headsets while RecoveryVR takes care of all the shipping, cleaning and logistics of the headset distribution. You would pay a licence fee for the software and a small handling fee each time a client chooses your VR Telehealth program.

Testimonials from RecoveryVR users

“RecoveryVR has enabled us to take our therapy to the next level for our neurological clients. As a therapist, we can prescribe functional exercises and movement, with the client experiencing this at whole new level. It’s engaging, immersive and has been developed with the client in mind. I love how creative and adaptable we can be with our exercise prescription when using RecoveryVR.”

Jess Bingley, Neuromoves Canberra

“The process of working through recovery from a serious illness or injury can be long and challenging. Innovative technology centric treatments such as Virtual Reality based therapy provides an accessible and immersive means to overcome some of the more complex and frustrating aspects of achieving your recovery goals, especially when compared to more traditional rehabilitative practices.”

Jordan Kramp, Patient

Some of our clients and partners

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