Provide assistance and encouragement with the RecoveryVR Streaming App

The RecoveryVR streaming app allows a clinician, carer or loved one to see, change settings and control a patients headset if they’re on the same wifi. You can also log in the VR user for quicker clinical sessions.

Using the RecoveryVR streaming app

Why not use the web portal?

Physio using VR Telehealth


The web portal is designed for long range telehealth sessions but could still be used in the clinic if you prefer.

Physio using streaming app


The streaming app is designed to be used locally, providing a quick and easy solution for monitoring and control while in the same room or building.

Streaming App Instructions

Connecting to the headset

1. Make sure the device is on the same Wi-Fi network as the headset and the headset is on the patients head and RecoveryVR is running.
2. By pressing the CONNECT STREAM button a video window should appear. Tap the video to maximise it to full screen.
3. If it does not connect automatically get the VR user to click the REFRESH NETWORK button in the IN CLINIC menu.

Logging in the VR user

4. Select LOG IN USER in the menu tab and use your device to type in their information. If
someone else is logged in press LOG OUT USER to get them back to the login screen.

Controlling the headset

5. Once connected the streaming app user can control the headset without the VR user having to navigate the menu. In the MENU tab you can change the DIFFICULTY and VISIBLE HAND and RETURN TO MENU. In the LIBRARY tab you can change the current activity.

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Download the Streaming App below


iOS download here


Android download here


MAC M1 download here


MAC Intel download here


PC download here