The Perfect VR Rehabilitation Package for your Therapy

Everything you need to perform VR rehabilitation in the clinic, home or hospital. RecoveryVR offers an eco-system of VR, online and on the phone to connect clients to clinicians, carers and loved ones.

VR Headset
VR Therapy Apps
Web App
Phone App

Everything you need

Wireless VR headset, wireless controllers, specialised VR software, telehealth/data portal, streaming phone app.

Simple to use

Works out of the box, no installation or technical knowledge required to use RecoveryVR. The internet is recommended but not required.

Low Cost

An upfront cost to buy the headset and then a yearly fee for the software that comes with regular updates and new activities.


No matter the disability, or deficits, RecoveryVR is working hard to allow everyone to play as many of the activities as possible.

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Simple, wireless, durable

VR Headset and Controllers

State of the art, wireless headset and controllers loaded with the RecoveryVR software. The Pico Neo 3 headset is light-weight and easy to fit, the controllers are built tough and easy to grip.

4K resolution, 99 degrees field of view, bluetooth, 90hz refresh rate so that no one feels sea sick during use.

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Focused, custom built, fun

RecoveryVR Therapy Apps

Unlimited access to the ever increasing library of 70+ therapy apps including all the physiotherapy, pain management and mental health programs.

If you can’t find an app, or several apps, that works towards your clients goals let us know and we’ll build something new that works for you.


Data collection, automation, live control

RecoveryVR Web Portal

Movement Data – When a patient logs into the headset every movement during every activity is logged and displayed as movement data in the portal for later analysis.

Prescription – Using the prescription function playlists of timed activities can be created and prescribed for certain days, letting the client play through 5 -20 minutes of exercise on their own.

Telehealth – Using the telehealth functionality clinicians can see what the client is seeing and change what they are doing at the click of a button.

Telehealth Portal
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Phone App
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Simple, fast, connected

Phone/PC Streaming App

If you want a quick and easy way to see and control your clients experience RecoveryVR also offers a phone/computer app that connects instantly if the headset and device is on the same wifi.

The app also allows you to log your client in quickly so all their data is saved to their web portal account.

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