RecoveryVR connects patients and clinicians seamlessly for advanced VR telehealth

RecoveryVR’s web portal connects seamlessly to the VR therapy experience allowing VR telehealth, measurement data display and the prescription of goal orientated playlists.

Remote Telehealth
Measurement Data
Prescription Playlists
RecoveryVR web app

Access to Healthcare

The web portal allows people anywhere in the world access to clinician driven rehab through a range of VR telehealth possibilities.

Quantifying Rehab

When you step into the VR simulation every move you make can be measured and analysed to easily record and display improvement metrics.

Low Cost

Having the option to do therapy in the home saves on travel time and cost. The headset and subscription are priced low to allow for more therapy for less money.

Known Adherence

When a clinician makes a prescription in the web portal it shows up as green if the patient did it and red if they didn’t, allowing for greater understanding of outcomes.

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Remote VR Telehealth


Simple, wireless, instant

Unlimited VR Telehealth Sessions

Simply click ‘connect’ in the web portal while the patient is using the RecoveryVR device and there is an instant connection with their VR experience. Allowing:

Live View – See what the patient is seeing in the VR headset.
Live Control – Choose the application and settings and send it to the device with a couple of clicks. What the patient is doing will instantly change to your prescribed choice.

This telehealth solution is designed to work in conjunction with Zoom, Coviu or any other video conferencing software so a clinician can see how the patient is moving as well as what they are doing.

  • Woman receiving box
  • Woman using VR Telehealth
  • Physio using VR Telehealth
  • Patient doing VR therapy

Measurement Data Display

  • Kid reaching in VR
  • RecoveryVR Measurement
  • Physio checking web portal


Digital, precise, informative

VR Measurement Data

As soon as a patient puts on a headset and steps into the virtual world every upper body movement can be recorded and analysed.

The RecoveryVR web portal displays this data in and easy to read format for a clinician to check after every activity, informing them on the next steps in the rehab process.

  • Kid reaching in VR
  • RecoveryVR Measurement
  • Physio checking web portal

Prescription Playlists


Focussed, available, adherence

Goal-driven Prescriptions

Setting up rehab exercise routines and checking on adherence has never been easier. Just click on the client in the web portal and choose to add a prescription. You can set:

– The activities and how long each will go for.
– The settings to set the right challenge and ability for the patient.
– The days they should do it on and for how many days/weeks/months.

If the patient does their exercise prescription the notice on the calendar will go green, if not, it goes red.

  • Woman smiling in VR
  • Woman putting on VR headset
  • Kid smiling in VR

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